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Indian Leather Craft

                           EVEN IT TOOK YOU NINE MONTHS".

My name is Shanawaz k, well known as Shaan. Leather crafting is my passion & hobby which I discovered thru my love for watches. An accountant by profession I was always curious about how things were made. My encounter with a strap making video changed eveything. Blessed with amazing parents I inherited the quick learning skills which were put to test in the initial stages of my leather crafting journey. Over the years I failed ,hustled  & evolved into learning various technique and behaviour of different types of leather that I have worked on so far.

My products are 100% handmade & hand stitched made using Full grain or top grain leather(Grade A) sourced ethically and are fair trade.All my products are hand stitched using the traditional French technique of saddle stitches that makes the product more durable & unique and adds value  and character to the product over time. I do not use or intend to use any artificial materials or fillers /foam while making my product unlike the ones used by various other brands or local manufacturers as this defeats the definition of 100% leather product.

I started leather crafting in 2016 and since then I challenged my self in to learning and making 20+ different category of products. My products speaks about my creative skills and craftsmanship, the feedback and blessing received from various clients across the globe motivates me to do more.

Thank you for taking time visiting my store. I hope that you enjoy my products &  they serve you long enough.

                                                                                                                 - Shaan.k