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Handmade full grain leather luminor panerai strap
Handmade full grain leather luminor panerai strap
Leather strap - full grain leather - Indianleathercraft

Handmade full grain leather strap

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Lenght : 120 / 80 mm

Thickness: 2.5mm- 3mm

Leather type : full grain vegetable tanned 

Bottom lining : full grain vegetable tanned 

Thread  : Royal blue 1mm  

Thread type : Polyester waxed thread 

Stitching : Saddle stitched 

Special feature : 100% Handmade & Handstitched. The leather will develop a natural patina over time & enhance the overall look.

Clasp type : Not included

Style : Flat profile

 Meticulously crafted. Build to last long 


Full grain refers to the strongest and most durable part of the hide of an animal, which is just below the hair and has not been sanded, buffed or snuffed (as opposed to corrected grain) which means it displays the more natural characteristics of leather.

As the grain surface is left intact before applying the surface coating, the leather has more fibre strength and durability and as it ages, it will develop a patina over time. Full grain leather often comes with an aniline finish which stains or dyes the leather while still allowing the natural grain to show through, this subtle finish allows the leather to continue to breathe, as opposed to other types of leather which are sanded down and given a thicker finish coat. 


Full grain leather shows all its natural markings and blemishes which many argue adds character to the material.

Being the strongest, outermost layer of the hide to be used, and keeping the grain in its entirety, rather than being sanded away to look more ‘uniform’, full grain leather lasts much longer. As it ages, it develops a patina, which is the change in colour over time. This change occurs faster on untreated pieces and is considered to be a highly desirable characteristic of leather.

On the smooth, unaltered surface, you can even see the pores and small hair follicles (if you use a magnifying glass), which indicates that the leather is of a high quality. Other characteristics to take note of are fat wrinkles or growth lines, natural variations in the grain texture, shading and small scars.

Every hide is unique as it comes from a different animal with different markings and blemishes so when looking at or working with full grain leather you’ll soon realise that no two hides are exactly the same.

This is a per ordered product, it will be shipped after 12-28 days after the order is received.

1) Small articles like wallets, card holder and strap completion requires 8-12 days.

2) Big articles like tank belts, tank bags, duffel bags and saddle bags etc requires 18-28 working days. for further clarification please email or whatsapp. Thanks